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Short Film from Acre, Brazil

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In July 2016, participants from WWF’s New Generation Plantations (NGP) platform visited Acre for a study tour. Participants coming from different sectors and nationalities looked at how the NGP concept can support sustainable, low-carbon development in Acre, and what we can learn from each other.

This short film is about we saw, heard and learnt on that study tour. The tour was co-hosted with the state government of Acre and WWF Brazil.

The challenge for Acre is to ensure the forest is worth more standing than chopped down. Along with partners including WWF, the government is running various initiatives to add value to the forest-based economy. For example, government policies encourage sustainable land uses and livelihoods compatible with forest conservation, such as growing fruit and vegetables, fishing, and farming fish and poultry.

The Acre state government has been participating in the NGP platform since 2012. It sees well-managed plantations as a promising sector for building the state’s green economy. These include plantations of rubber trees, other native species such as acai palms, and non-native species including eucalyptus for timber. 

Watch the film and let us know what you think, either here in PlantNation or on the You Tube channel.


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Short Film from Acre, Brazil
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Short Film from Acre, Brazil Short Film from Acre, Brazil Short Film from Acre, Brazil Short Film from Acre, Brazil

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